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Step inside the archives and delve into the history of the iconic Rocket, the Rainhill Trials and the incredible impact George and Robert Stephenson had on Britain’s railways with the FREE DVD of ‘Rocket, Rainhill and the Stephensons’ Legacy’ – just a click away.

A story of true innovation and railway rivalry, the film explores the personal battles which led to a world-changing transport revolution.

What were the Rainhill Trials?

The Industrial Revolution of the 1820s meant the mills in England were churning out so much cotton that a quicker and efficient mode of transport of goods was needed – and urgently.

The Liverpool & Manchester Railway was tasked with creating the service, but an abundance of designs available to them led to the railway directors to hold a performance trials to discover the best and most improved locomotive engine for the railway. The trials would take place over nine days at Rainhill, on the outskirts of Liverpool. The stage was set for the Rainhill Trials of 1829.

Find out what happened at Rainhill, the story of the Rocket locomotive and the life and career of both Robert and George Stephenson in the free film. Just hit play at the top of this page.

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